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Meet Alex

Alex Orlando joined the industry at Wells Fargo Advisors after his graduation from Fordham University in May 2013. He spent his time building and developing relationships with clients from all areas of financial need, all the while completing his licensing requirements and achieving his AAMS®, AWMA®, and in 2016, his Certification in Financial Planning®.

Alex is the founding member of Tributary Wealth Management® and is extremely proud and honored to have created a firm that reflects his goals and values and those of his clients.

Alex spends his time split between his residence in Manhattan and Westwood, NJ. He is dedicated to spending time with his family in and around the tri-state area.

Client Centered


Key Client Fiduciary Advisors: An independent full service Registered Investment Advisory Firm, registered with the SEC. The principals of this firm have been in the industry for over 30 years, and share in the same value as Tributary Wealth Management.

Charles Schwab: Charles Schwab was chosen as the platform and custodian for your assets. Their corporate security was of utmost importance, and their focus on investment technology gives Tributary Wealth Management and its clients a clear and strong path into the future.

Certified Financial Planner Certificant

Alex is proud to be a CFP® Professional. This certificate is the standard of excellence in the industry and mandates the highest ethical and fiduciary standards. For more information, please visit the Official Website Here

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