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Financial Planning

Financial Planning Services

Tributary Wealth Management takes the 7 steps of the CFP financial planning process very seriously. These steps will not be the same for everyone, however we utilize the structure to build a solid foundation for our relationship with you. The process below is simple and keeps you in the driver’s seat:

1. Understand Goals & Gather Information: During this stage, we will have an open conversation about your financial goals.

2. Evaluate Data: After gathering data, we will analyze and create your personalized financial plan.

3. Review Findings & Initial Recommendations: At our next review, we will go over your financial analysis. At this point, you are free to take your plan at not cost to you. Our hope is that you will take our recommendations and allow us to continue working with you.

4. Implement Plan & Confirm Actions: Agreements will be signed and recommendations will be acted upon once there is mutual agreement. We will do nothing without your consent and will ensure the understanding of your financial plan. 

5. Monitor: Your life is not static and neither should your financial plan. Your plan will have constant attention from us to ensure we maintain the path set forth.

6. Follow Up with Scheduled Reviews & Education: Your understanding of your financial plan is important to us. We strive to educate you in every step of the process and our review meetings will be scheduled accordingly.

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About Tributary Wealth Management

We are a relationship driven, fiduciary financial planning firm, hoping to be a personal Certified Financial Planner for you, your business, and your family for generations to come. Our goal is to add value and be valuable to as many people as we can with the firm's financial tools.

Together, we will build a bridge to get you from where you are to where you want to be, but our relationship will not end there. Not only will we build this bridge, but we will cross it with you, aiding you in every step on the way.

Expert Financial Advice

Investment Management: We take a unique approach that differs from many other advisors. My investment recommendations will be determined by your goals and risk tolerances. This outcome driven approach is more beneficial to the traditional strategy of setting performance goals and judging them against the market. We use low cost and tax efficient strategies to make sure you are getting the most out of your investments and will make sure your accounts through your employer are properly allocated and diversified as well.

Wealth Coach & Education: We understand the stress that money can cause and make every effort possible to take that out of your life. We have found that through our process, clients gain a new understanding of their assets and how they should be used. Education is extremely important, and we feel you should not be left in the dark regarding your plan. Instead, we take the time to educate you throughout the process and throughout the financial events of your life. By involving you in the financial planning process, we give you the tools to make informed financial decisions that increase your chances of long-term success.

Corporate Structure & Benefit Planning: Business owners should be focused on owning and running their business. It is our job to take the stress out of the dollars and cents in your business and provide sources of capital and saving. Whether your business is starting up, winding down, or anything in between, our fiduciary analysis can ensure that you and your employees are being taken care of. These services include benefit structure review, Investment Guidance, and employee education.

Tax/Estate/Insurance Planning: As part of a truly holistic plan, it is important for us to work on all areas of your financial well being. We work together with your attorney/CPA to make sure all areas of your life are covered and planned for to ensure things are as you wish.