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Value of an Advisor

The Value of an Advisor

The true value added to your financial health by a financial advisor is difficult to understand at first, but becomes significantly clearer over time. Below are a few proven “value adds” that can significantly improve your chances of financial success.

  1. Portfolio/Investment work
    Product knowledge/Active Rebalancing/Strategic management can all achieve risk adjusted returns greater than those when investing one’s own money. There are a tremendous amount of products available in today’s environment. A good advisor has done the due diligence to analyze these options, and choose those that are best suited for your investment needs.
  2. Behavioral Coaching
    By design, humans are generally not wired to be good investors. We consistently follow the herd into panic, and are driven by basic emotions such as fear and greed. These emotions have a powerful effect on all investors, but especially investors who are managing their own money. An advisor provides an invaluable third party perspective and historical data to protect investors from these emotions, which historically have been the main cause of poor investment results.
  3. Holistic Planning
    Investments are just one piece of the puzzle. An advisor is a resource in many areas of your financial life allowing for a one stop shop of your financial needs. Having these resource available allows for peace in mind for investors and their families as they plan and experience life’s uncertainties

These are just a few of the main “value adds” that an advisor can contribute for more data, and studies on the subject, please see the below links.