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Financial Literacy Month and how you can benefit from it

March 29, 2021

April is National Financial Literacy Month and is a terrific time to learn and evaluate how best to create and maintain a healthy financial life. Below are a few items to help get you on the right track. 

No matter the month, it is always beneficial to talk through your financial plan with a professional. Most of us do so for our physical health at least once a year, so why not your financial health as well?

Financial Literacy Month Tips and Ideas 

1. Create a monthly budget and differentiate Needs, Wants, and Dreams

2. Check on your credit and find ways to improve 
Understanding Your Credit | FTC Consumer Information

3. If you are invested, try and take a holistic picture of all funds/investments and make sure they are in line with your risk tolerances and time horizon

4. Always over estimate expenses and under estimate returns. That should keep any surprises positive! 

Planning for your success is a full time commitment.  Don't let it become a burden. 

-Tributary Wealth Management